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Migration| Types, Causes & Consequences – Chapter 2 Class 12 NCERT Geography

1. Choose the right answers of the following from the given options. (i) Which one of the following is the main reason for male migration in India? (a) Education (b) Business (c) Work and employment (d) Marriage (ii) Which one of the following states receives maximum number of immigrants? (a)

Government Schemes

What is Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) | How is it useful?

Government of India maps land blocks both in rural and urban areas by using Drone technology and CORS Technology (continuously operating reference station). Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) is an infrastructure that can solve the problem of accuracy and real-time data acquisition. Looking at the importance and usefulness of this technology, the Survey of India has started an initiative of establishing a nationwide CORS network. Now, the question is ‘How



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How to avoid burnout during UPSC, IAS preparation

In this article we will look at four amazing tips on how to avoid burnout when preparing for UPSC. Let me begin with an analogy –  have you ever pressed the front brake and throttle at the same time on your bike? You can relate this feeling within yourself, when

How to Build Self Belief for UPSC exam

Art & Culture

History and Origin of Sanskrit | Art, History Literature notes for UPSC IAS

Let’s get to know a little about Sanskrit: What is Sanskrit? It is an ancient language in Hinduism. It was used as a dialect by the old Indo-Aryans during the era of 2000 BCE. It is also called as Vedic Sanskrit, because of its origination during the vedic period. Vedic

Importance of Learning History

Modern History

Spread of Non-Cooperation Movement | Indian history for UPSC, IAS

Objective The main objective behind the non cooperation movement was to bring an end to the British rule in India. It was launched on 1st August 1920 by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He launched this campaign as a protest against the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre and Rowlatt Act. Brief note on:-