international trade economics

What are Regional Trade Agreements? Regional trade agreements (RTAs) are agreements between two or more nations and their governments for doing trade between themselves so that they can import less from countries that are outside their region. The primary purpose of any regional trade agreement is for economic integration andRead More →

balance of payment bop economics

What is the meaning of Balance Of Payment (BOP)? Balance of Payment is a statement is a summary of a nation’s economic transactions with the rest of the world for a specified time period. The balance of payments, also known as balance of international payments consists of all transactions between aRead More →

what is economics

What is Economics? Economics is about making choices and allocation of resources. Every day we make so many choices. How much should I spend on food, clothes and accessories? What’s the best car to buy? Where should we go for vacation? What are the benefits of a particular degree versusRead More →

How does inflation affect Foreign Investments? You must be familiar with this term called Foreign direct Investment and then there is another term called Foreign Indirect Investment. So together these two terms form Foreign investments. Let’s get to know the difference between direct and indirect foreign investments. Foreign direct Investment (FDI):- ForeignRead More →

how import export affect economy

We all are familiar with the terms imports and exports when it comes to international as well as domestic economy. In this article i will tell you how imports and exports affects the economy. Imports are an important indicator and a vital component of the economy. A high level ofRead More →