Why China is drilling a 10,000 metre deep hole into the Earth

Chinese scientists have embarked on a groundbreaking project to drill a 10,000-meter (32,808 feet) deep hole into the Earth’s crust, demonstrating China’s ambition to explore new frontiers above and below the planet’s surface. The initiative, which involves creating the country’s deepest borehole, has commenced in Xinjiang, a region renowned forRead More →

Colombian Navy catches Narco Submarine carrying $87 million worth of cocaine in Pacific Ocean

During a recent operation, the Colombian navy discovered a ghost submarine in the Pacific Ocean containing a large quantity of cocaine worth $87.7 million. Two dead bodies were found onboard, and two survivors were also discovered in poor health conditions and required medical assistance. Colombia’s Ministry of National Defense releasedRead More →

What is Climate Change? Climate change refers to long-term changes in the Earth’s climate patterns, including changes in temperature, precipitation, and weather events. These changes are primarily caused by human activities that release large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, such as burning fossil fuels for energy and transportation,Read More →