Answer the following questions.

1. Why are resources unequally distributed all over the earth?

Ans. Distribution of resources depends upon number of physical factors like geographical terrain, landscape, altitude and climate. And because these factors differ so much from region to region that is why resources are also unequally found on earth.

2. What is resource conservation?

Ans. Resources are limited therefore using them carefully and giving them time to get renewed is called resource conservation.

3. Why are human resources important?

Ans. When we say human resources we mean the people. People can make the best use of nature to create more resources when they have the knowledge, skill and the technology to do so. That is why human beings are a special resource.

4. What is sustainable development?

Ans.  Balancing the need to use resources and also conserve them for the future need is called sustainable development.

Differentiate between the followings.

1. Potential and actual resources.

Ans. Potential resources – They are those resources that could be used in the future. High speed winds were a potential resource two hundred years ago. Today they are an actual resource and wind farms generate energy using windmills like in Netherlands.

Actual resources –  They are those resources whose quantity is known. These resources are being used in the present. The rich deposits of coal in Ruhr region of Germany and petroleum in the West Asia, the dark soils of the Deccan plateau in Maharashtra are all actual resources.

2. Ubiquitous and localized resources.

Ans. Resources that are found everywhere like the air we breathe, are called ubiquitous resources. But those which are found only in certain places are called localized resources, like – copper and iron ore.

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