Vertical Variation of Pressure meaning:-

When we hear this term vertical variation of pressure, with the word “Vertical” in it you can easily figure out that we are talking about the variation of pressure while  going up.

Now to make sense of everything, in the lower atmosphere the pressure decreases rapidly with height. When we talk about lower atmosphere we are referring to the troposphere. I hope you remember that figure which shows the different layers of atmosphere as we go from inside to outside. And i also hope you remember that the length of troposphere is somewhere around 10 km from the surface of Earth.

different layers of earth's atmosphere upsc

It is cold at the top of the troposphere, that’s why nearly all of the water vapour, clouds and dust particles in the atmosphere are found in the troposphere.

In the table below, you can see that on the left  column it shows altitude from sea level that is the ground level up to 10 km high which is also the end of troposphere. And next to it is the column with pressure and to the next of it you see the column which represents temperature. It clearly tells us that, as temperature increases >>> the pressure increases >>> the altitude lowers. When temperature decreases >>> the pressure also decreases >>> the altitude increases.

Standard Pressure and Temperature at

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