1. Answer the following questions.

(i) What are the Temperate Grasslands of North America called?

Ans. Prairies.

(ii) What are the cattle farms in the North American Grasslands known as?

Ans. Ranches.

(iii) Name the rivers that drain the Velds.

Ans. (a) River Orange and (b) River Limpopo.

(iv) When is the rainy season in the Velds?

Ans. The velds receive rainfall mainly in summer months from November to February.

(v) What is the major occupation of the people of the South African grasslands?

Ans. (i) Sheep rearing, (ii) dairy farming and. (iii) mining..

2. Tick the correct answer.

(i) River Mississippi drains

(a) Canada (b) Africa (c) USA

(ii) Drakensberg Mountains bound the

(a) Prairies (b) Velds (c) Pampas

(iii) Merino is a species of

(a) fish (b) elephant (c) sheep

(iv) Kimberley is famous for

(a) diamonds (b) silver (c) platinum

3. Match the following.

(i) Cowboys


(ii) Gold


(iii) Kudu


(iv) Chinook

Hot and Wind

(v) Coal

Iron and Steel

4. Give reasons.

(i) The Prairies are known as the ‘Granaries of the World’.

Ans. The Prairies are also known as the “Granaries of the world,” due to the huge surplus of wheat production.

(ii) Rise of wool industry in the Velds.

Ans. Good variety of sheep (merino) is found in the Velds whose wool is very warm.

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