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Everything you need to know about Delhi’s rising toxic air pollution

In the recent event of Delhi’s air pollution, toxic smog in Delhi have led authorities to declare a public health emergency. The air pollution level came down after rains lashed the city on Friday, but only marginally. According to research, toxicity in air is determined by the presence of ultra fine particles of PM2.5 or PM10.

The Supreme court has appointed a panel named “The Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA)” to administer the pollution level and draft necessary reports on it.

EPCA latest reports

Reasons behind Delhi’s air pollution

  1. Burning of paddy stubble in Punjab and Haryana ahead of new planting season is among the main causes of spike in pollution in Delhi at this time of the year.
  2. Wind in Delhi blows from NorthWest to SouthWestdelhi wind flow.
  3. Pollution caused by the traffic in Delhi is another reason. Vehicular emission is increasing the hazardous effects of air pollution and smog. 
  4. During winter season, air is dense. Dust particles and pollutants in the air unable to move. They get locked in the air and forms smog.
  5. Industrial pollution and garbage dumps are also increasing air pollution and building-up smog in the air.
  6. Large scale construction in Delhi-NCR is another culprit that is increasing dust and pollution in the air. Considering the dipping air quality, a number of construction sites have stalled work, as directed by the Delhi Government.

Intergovernmental Relationships

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met his Haryana counterpart Mohan Lal Khattar. During their meeting, both leaders decided to take a number of steps to prevent smog in the National Capital Region (NCR) next year.

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