Let us understand about agriculture in the developing and a developed country. Below is the differences between the life style of farmers in the USA and India.

A farm in USA A farm in India
1. The size of the farm is large. 1. here the size of the land is comparatively small.
2. Owner’s house is in the farm. 2. Owner lives in a main village and travels to the farm every day.
3. The farmer makes sure that soil and water resources meet the needs of the crop. 3. Due to inadequate supply of water and fertile soil, farmers have to purchase high yielding variety (HYV) seeds from market every year.
4. The farmer takes the help of technology and sends the soil samples to a soil testing lab to check whether the nutrients are sufficient or not. 4. The farmer in India takes advice from his friends and elders as well as government agricultural officers regarding farming.
5. The farmer uses tractors, seed drills, harvester and all kinds of modern agricultural machinery. 5. The farmer takes a tractor on rent, and many still rely on traditional bullocks for ploughing the land.
6. The farmer owns a storage facility in the farm where he stores the crops before sending it to market. 6. He sells his crops in the mandi / market located in the nearby town. Since majority of the farmers do not have storage facilities and crops rot most of the time.
7. The farmer in USA works like a businessman. 7. Many  farmers in India are peasants and get exploited by traders.

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