Kaveri is one of the major Indian rivers flowing through the southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the Bay of Bengal.

Kaveri river map

The name “Operation Kaveri” has been taken from the river Kaveri because rivers reach their destination irrespective of barriers. Similarly, the rescue operation undertaken by India to bring back stranded Indian citizens from Sudan is named as Operation Kaveri.

Apart from Operation Kaveri, the Indian Government has also undertaken many rescue operations in the past. Below are the names:-

Operation NameYearReason for Evacuation
Operation Dost2023Turkey-Syria earthquake
Operation Ganga2022Tensions between Russia and Ukraine
Vande Bharat2020Covid-19 pandemic
Operation Samudra Setu2020Covid-19 pandemic
Evacuation from Brussels2016Terrorist strikes
Operation Raahat2015Conflict in Yemen
Operation Maitri2015Nepal earthquake
Operation Safe Homecoming2011Conflict in Libya
Operation Sukoon2006Conflict in Lebanon
1990 Kuwait Airlift1990Invasion of Kuwait by Iraq

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