How does an anti-drone jammer works?

An anti-drone jammer works by emitting radio frequency signals in the same frequency range as the drone’s control signal, disrupting its ability to communicate with the remote control or GPS. This interference can cause the drone to lose its orientation or even fall out of the sky, making it inoperable.

The jammer uses directional antennas to focus its signal on the drone, increasing its effectiveness while minimizing the impact on other devices in the area. Some advanced anti-drone jammers also have the ability to track the drone’s location and adjust their signal to maintain disruption.

It’s important to note that the use of anti-drone jammers may be subject to legal restrictions and regulations, depending on the jurisdiction. Some countries prohibit the use of jammers altogether, while others require a special license to operate them. Therefore, it’s important to understand the local laws and regulations before using an anti-drone jammer.

The Indian Army is satisfied with the test results of anti-drone jammers and spoofers deployed this year in Jammu and Punjab sector against drug, explosives and weapon carrying drones launched by Pakistan based terror groups.

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